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About Ride-Away

When Mark Lore started Ride-Away® in 1986 he knew that by providing the best wheelchair accessible vehicles and service and by doing what was right with our customers we would be successful. People with disabilities demand a higher level of service when it comes to transportation options and Ride-Away was built to deliver on these expectations. Today, 30 years later that same vision lives on in each of Ride-Away's locations from Maine to Florida. Ride-Away has become the leading provider of modified vehicles and adaptive equipment for people with disabilities because our Team Members are mobility experts and take an active role in our community. We use our success to build a better life for all we touch, as well as the communities we work and live in.

The Ride-Away Difference

The Ride-Away Difference can be seen when we eagerly greet you in our showroom, heard when we pick up the phone, and felt when we meet your service needs around the clock. Whether our Team Members are at work or in our community it is our commitment to Deliver Freedom to people with disabilities.

Our Ride-Away Team

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Ride-Away: Mission, Vision & Values

    • Our Mission

To be a company that uses our success to build a better life for all we touch, as well as the communities we work and live in. To exceed the expectations of our customers, team members and suppliers by acting with unexpectedly high levels of competence, commitment and caring. To perpetually strive for improvement in our service delivery, process and behavior, thereby creating a culture and environment that encourages and demands excellence.

    • Our Vision

We want to be the company that is the role model for others regarding ethics, care, selflessness and product/service expertise. We envision an organization that is the employer of choice in the industry and community, thus attracting and maintaining the highest caliber of team members.

It is our vision to continuously grow revenues and profitability by expanding intelligently into the major metropolitan regions throughout the country. We will focus our energies on installing adaptive equipment in automobiles, and selling them, along with specific products and services that will enhance our customers' vehicular mobility experiences.

It is our requirement that we deliver product and service excellence because, as we expand and provide opportunities for career advancement for our team members, it is imperative we ensure that our clients are served at a level so great as to be previously not experienced.

Our vision is to be the nation's largest modified vehicle dealership which must come as the result of performance excellence, not low price. Our commitment and ability to perform will determine the speed and scope of our ultimate growth.

      10 Ways Ride-Away Delivers Freedom

What sets Ride-Away apart from the rest of the mobility industry is our guidelines for delivering the best experience to our customers.

  • Ride-Away Values
      • Accountable for our work:

    Our team members are committed and willing to accept responsibility for their actions, job performance and customer satisfaction.

      • Committed to doing the right thing:

    We are committed to doing what is right, even if that means having to make hard decisions.

      • Committed to our team members:

    We value each team member as an individual and recognize the significance and impact of each team member's contribution to the success of the organization as a whole.

      • Community service and social responsibility:

    We believe that the most satisfying job is one in which a person can contribute significantly to the greater community. We will voluntarily take steps to improve the quality of life for team members and their families as well as for the local community and society at large.

      • Customer satisfaction and customer service:

    We will focus every interaction and process on ensuring a customer experience that exceeds their expectations.

      • Honesty and integrity:

    We believe in always being honest and in doing what is ethically correct for the customer, company, community, and other team members - under any circumstances.

      • Relationships and teamwork:

    We value creating and maintaining long-lasting, meaningful relationships with our customers and team members and effective teamwork is critical to this process.

      • Respect and trust:

    We will create an environment of mutual respect and trust between our team members and customers.

      • Superior quality and continuous improvement:

    We demand excellence and we strive to continuously improve. From our team members to our products and in our relationships with customers, business partners and our community; superior quality is our expectation.