Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters

Heavy-duty mobility scooters have a larger weight capacity and carry an average of 300-500 lbs.  But their construction also makes them a popular choice for arthritis sufferers – and anyone who tries a regular scooter and finds the size of the seat uncomfortable.

  • Heavy-duty scooter users say the larger seat makes them feel more comfortable while riding.
  • If your arthritis makes it difficult or uncomfortable to sit on a smaller seat, you may find that a heavy-duty scooter feels tailor-made for you!



Pride Maxima 4 Wheel

3 wheel also available

Four Wheel Heavy Duty Scooter


Pride Pursuit XL

Off-Road Machine!

Four Wheel Heavy Duty Scooter


Golden Tech Buzzaround XL-HD

Increased Weight capacities up to 325lbs

Great Turning Radius