Pride Victory 10 – 4 Wheel

Four Wheel Scooter

  • Speed:  5.25 mph
  • Range:  Travel up to 15.5 miles on a full battery charge
  • Weight capacity:  400 pounds
  • Type:  Mid-size for outdoor use

The 10” wheels on this mobility scooter give you more ground clearance and a wider tire for some serious outdoor riding on uneven terrain.  And you can see a lot of the neighborhood with up to 15.5 miles on a single battery charge.

You’ll drive comfortably with a central steering column or “tiller” that features wraparound handles on each side.  Those wraparound loops make it easy to steer from many different hand or wrist positions.

This highly durable 4-wheel mobility scooter includes long-lasting LED headlight, crushproof basket, and no-scuff tires.

Your battery gauge is backlit, and there’s a handy charger port on your steering tiller.