Pride Go-Go Sport 4 Wheel

Four Wheel Mobility Scooter

  • Speed:  4 mph
  • Range:  Up to 12 miles per battery charge
  • Weight capacity:  325 pounds
  • Type:   Heavy-duty Portable mid-size
  • Choose the GoGo Sport for riding over more aggressive terrain – uneven pavement, hilly terrain, and more.
  • You can easily take apart this popular mid-size mobility scooter – disassemble it into 5 pieces and transport it in your vehicle.  (The heaviest piece is 52.5 pounds.)
  • Interchange the red and blue panels to fit your mood.  It’s like having 2 different scooters to drive!
  • The charger port is conveniently located in the “tiller” (the central steering column)  for easy access.  And this mobility scooter includes Pride’s standard no-scuff tires and headlight.