Scooter Lifts For SUV’s and Crossovers

Get a dependable scooter lift for your sports utility or crossover and benefit from the ability to re-install it in your next applicable vehicle. Choose from a selection of interior and exterior solutions to easily lift your scooter or powerchair into your SUV or CUV. Count on us for expert advice and installation now and in the future.

Bruno Curb-Sider®

Interior Lift
Model VSL-6000/VSL-6900
Available for a wide variety of vehicles, the Curb-Sider is the Bruno’s most popular solution for lifting and transporting scooters or powerchairs inside a vehicle using a hoist.

Bruno Big-Lifter

Interior Lift
Bruno’s Big-Lifter requires a person to manually rotate the mobility device into the vehicle.  The Big-Lifter is often a great choice when seeking a value-priced interior scooter lift and when a caregiver is present for operation.

Harmar AL600 Series

Exterior Platform Lift
Harmar’s exterior lifts are designed to accommodate most any type of vehicle for transporting scooters and power chairs.

Bruno Joey

Interior Platform Lift
The Bruno Joey lifts and stows your device into the back of your vehicle. Count on the Joey for a safe, simple solution to travel with a scooter or powerchair any time of day or in any weather.

Bruno Out-Sider

Exterior Platform Lift
This lift is fully powered so it makes lifting and storing your scooter or powerchair outside your vehicle virtually effortless, with one button operation.

Bruno Out-Sider Micro

Light Capacity Lift
Easily transport your 3-wheel travel scooter with Bruno’s lightest outside scooter lift: the Out-Sider Micro.

Bruno Space Saver

Light Capacity Lift
The affordable Space-Saver helps you lift and stow a small scooter or wheelchair in a vehicle with only limited trunk or cargo hatch space. Bruno’s take-apart Space-Saver works in almost any vehicle to lift a light scooter or wheelchair, weighing up to 200 lb.