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Fitting Your Wheelchair into your Wheelchair Van

When modifying a wheelchair van, it is important that the correct measurements of the person in the wheelchair be taken. This will ensure that the correct modifications are done on your adaptive vehicle.

When planning to purchase a wheelchair van, you need to first measure the dimensions of both the wheelchair as well as the person who will be using it. Since both wheelchairs (and people) are all different sizes, measuring specific sections of each one is a crucial part of the purchase process.

The measurements that need to be taken include the following: (It is also described visually below)

  • The height from the top of the person's head (when sitting in the wheelchair) to the ground.
  • The height from eye level to the ground.
  • The width of the wheelchair, from the outside of the wheel's hubs.
  • The length of the wheelchair from the back of the rear wheels to the tip of the person's toes (when sitting).

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