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Q-Straint Wheelchair Docking Systems

Q-Straint’s signature docking systems – the QLK-100 and the QLK-150 – allow passengers and drivers to easily and safely lock their wheelchair into their vehicle without assistance. These two devices are unique and unlike any other mobility product of its kind in the vehicle modification industry today.

The QLK-100 wheelchair docking system is intended for the wheelchair passenger who desires the freedom to quickly and safely secure themselves into a wheelchair locking device, using a single point system. This wheelchair docking system is modeled after the truck and trailer hitches that have been safely used for over 50 years.

Wheelchair DockingThe QLK-150 wheelchair docking device is unlike any other wheelchair locking system, simply for its powered locking feature. Using a single point system, the wheelchair locks into the docking system very easily and safely.

These products are made to improve the user experience with the latest technology and design. If you are looking for a solution for being able to independently and quickly secure your wheelchair into a wheelchair locking device, then the Q-Straint line of docking system products are the perfect fit!