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Wheelchair Accessible Taxi

Ride-Away Commercial Wheelchair Accessible Taxis

Ride-Away Commercial Wheelchair Accessible Taxis

If you provide taxi service, you may have had some customers that required accommodation for a wheelchair or scooter. Make sure that you can serve each customer's needs properly by investing in wheelchair accessible taxis. With an accessible taxi, your customers can experience the comfort and reliability of a traditional minivan, while also having easy access to the vehicle and a safer ride. 

Features of the Wheelchair Accessible Braun Toyota Taxi

018The BraunAbility Short Cut Taxi is an ADA-compliant vehicle that can accommodate multiple ambulatory passengers and wheelchair users. The cost-efficient manual door and ramp help you watch the bottom line. Passengers will appreciate the commercial grade flooring and ramp lighting for an easy entry. Aftermarket seating adds even more flexibility to the vehicle. Passengers will enjoy a comfortable ride on the reliable Toyota Sienna chassis. The wheelchair accessible Toyota Sienna from BraunAbility delivers an excellent combination of power and economy with its spacious interior and appealing exterior features. Contact us today to learn how you can equip your fleet with wheelchair accessible taxis.

Braun Toyota Taxi Features

Wheelchair Accessible Taxi

  • Manual door and ramp
  • 56" ADA Door opening
  • 87" long floor and 32" wide ramp
  • 2 vision middle row bucket seats
  • Commercial grade flooring on lowered floor area
  • QRT wheelchair securement straps set
  • ADA ramp lighting
  • Emergency Exit-release mechanism and sticker on rear hatch
  • Back-up alarm
  • Altoona and CARB Certified
  • 18.7 MPG
  • Range: 374 miles
  • Side-impact air bags
  • Short floor option
  • Latch for ramp option
  • After market middle row 3 passenger or rear 2 passenger bench seats option
  • Option for DOT kit or additional tie-down strap set
  • Download Wheelchair Accessible Braun Toyota Taxi Brochure

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