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Wheelchair Accessible Motorcycle

As the leader in providing mobility to people with disabilities, Ride-Away sees this wheelchair accessible motorcycle as the biggest leap from products that our clients need, to a product that excites the senses. Ride-Away has always been in the forefront of providing a product that dramatically raises the quality of life for people with special challenges, and this promotes the feeling of independence on the road. With the Martin Conquest derived from a BMW motorcycle, Ride-Away is thrilled to continue to promote the automotive evolution for people with disabilities from a full-size van, to minivan, to 3 wheel wheelchair accessible motorcycle. Everyone will want one, but only the most daring will grab it!


Features include:

  • Wheelchair Accessible MotorcycleEZ-Lock wheelchair locking system
  • Interior storage compartments
  • Automatically controlled lowering and rising access ramp
  • Passenger seat