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Primary Hand Control

EMC Hand Controls

At Ride Away, we understand that each customer and their needs are unique. Different situations will require different types of mobility equipment for different vehicles. That is why we provide various types of primary driving controls.

We offer hand controls for the gas and brake operation. These are mechanical linkages that can be set up on the left or right side and come in many different varieties. Reduced and zero effort steering and braking with full back up systems are also available for those who need this primary control modification.

EMC Hand Controls Here are the options for Primary Driving Controls that EMC offers -

Lever (L) - A gas/brake input with 4” of travel and requiring 4 lbs of force from the full gas to the full brake position. It is designed for customers that have a wider range of motion and an increased effort level.

Joystick (J or SJ) - A joystick input that is available in a two-axis configuration for gas/brake and steering, or a single-axis for gas/brake or steering. It has a total range of motion of 60° and requires a maximum 3.2 oz of force to operate. It is designed for customers with a minimal range of motion and effort level.

Wheel (W) - A steering input that has a 2:1 turn ration between the AEVIT wheel and the vehicles steering wheel. It requires 3.2 oz of force at the proper orthotic position of 3 3/8” from center. It is also designed for customers that have a wider range of motion.


EMC Hand Controls