Seating Solutions for All Types of Vehicles

Turning automotive seats rotate, extend out of the vehicle and lower towards the ground, allowing for easy access to your vehicle.

Bruno Valet
Enter and exit your vehicle effortlessly with the Bruno Valet Series. Each seat is individually pre-programmed to fit the users exact needs. These seats are designed for hatchbacks, crossovers, SUV’s, pickups as well as mini and full-size vans.
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Adapt XL Base
The XL-Base by Adapt Solutions connects to the existing seat in your vehicle.  Doing this allows for maximum comfort, style and a considerable amount of legroom. The install can be performed without any drilling or structural modifications to your vehicle.
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Adapt Link
The LINK is one of the most customizable seating solutions on the market. It still utilizes the original seat from the vehicle, but has the ability to be programmed for other movements such as: tilt, rotate, recline and lift. Adapt Solutions LINK can be installed in many popular models of trucks, SUV’s and vans.
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