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Adaptive Cooking With Physical Disabilities

Cooking can be a wonderfully relaxing and creative pursuit to take part in for people with or without physical disabilities. While many people don’t give a second thought to maneuvering around the kitchen and putting together a meal, cooking with a physical disability can bring a whole set of special considerations. Luckily, today there are many different tools and kitchen design implementation which cooks with disabilities can take advantage of. Below are a few tips on how to incorporate tools for cooking with physical disabilities.

Kitchen Design

When you are designing a kitchen for cooks with special disabilities you should pay special attention to the heights of various kitchen utilities such as countertops, appliances, and kitchen cabinets. Many cooks with physical disabilities are confined to their wheelchairs so it’s important to design a kitchen with the height of a wheelchair in mind. In addition, countertops and appliances should be made out of materials that are easy to clean, and kitchen cabinets should have handles that are easy to grasp. It’s also important to keep the kitchen area well bright by including plenty of overhead light.

Kitchen Tools

There are a large variety of kitchen tools now available that have been adapted for people with physical disabilities to be able to use. From cutting boards to knives and silverware the amount of adaptive kitchen tools is tremendous. For anyone just getting started with adaptive cooking you will want to start off with the basic kitchen tools such as knives, measuring cups, and pots. It can also be helpful to think outside of the box and use kitchen tools outside of their designated purposes. For example, a pizza cutter can be used to cut cookie dough and cheese not just pizza.

People with disabilities can continue to take pleasure in cooking once they adapt their kitchen designs and tools for the process. Cooking is such an enjoyable experience to many people that it is worth it to look for ways to continue doing so no matter what type of physical disability is being faced.

Ride-Away is committed to Delivering Freedom to our customers with disabilities by giving people the Freedom to do things like cook and go to friends’ houses for an evening. Contact the Mobility Specialists at Ride-Away to determine the mobility products and wheelchair accessible vans that are best for your needs.

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