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5 Fun Wheelchair Costume Ideas for Next Halloween

Now that Halloween is over, you are probably still hung up on those few costumes you saw that made you wish yours had have been a bit better. For those who use a wheelchair, this can be especially frustrating because working a costume around a wheelchair can be very difficult.

So to make it a bit easier on you for next year (hey, it’s never too early to start planning for a great Halloween costume!), here are some great ideas for Halloween costumes that incorporate a wheelchair—either your own or a child’s—as the center of a costume.

Flintstones Wheelchair Costume for Kids

Flintstones Wheelchair Costume for Kids, photo courtesy of www.thechive.com

 Flintstones Car: An oldie but a goodie. Building the classic and iconic Flintstones car around the body of a wheelchair all but completely hides the chair itself and will certainly make for a memorable Halloween costume that everyone can appreciate.

Ice Cream Truck: Sure, summer will have already made its way out the door, but you can still scoop up fun in an ice cream truck costume. The wearer can also take around a little horn to beep to add to the effect.

Race Car: This is a given for little boys in wheelchairs. Taking the time to design the car can be rewarding and fun—especially when the time comes to take it for a spin and pick up all of that candy!

Ice Cream Truck Wheelchair Costume

Ice Cream Truck Wheelchair Costume, photo courtesy of www.theindependencecenter.org

Old Man or Woman in a Rocking Chair: This one takes a little more effort, but with proper fabrics and cushions that resembled wooden surfaces, you can turn a wheelchair into a makeshift rocking chair. Use a wig and a cute outfit to seal the deal and become an elderly person rocking Halloween away in a rocking chair.

A Magician: Unique and cute all at once, this costume design essentially covers the wheelchair with a fake table. A large crafted hat sits stop the table and that’s where the wheelchair user’s head pops out.  If you want to be a magician’s prop, stick on a set of rabbit ears and become the rabbit pulled from a hat! For such a design, it’s best to have a reliable hand to help maneuver around properly.

How about you? What are some great wheelchair-based costume designs that you have used or would like to see done?

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