Scooter Lift Installations

All of our Scooter Lift prices include installation. From compact cars to minivans, trucks and SUVs, transport solutions for light and heavy-duty assistive devices are now providing many more options for those with a physical disability or health condition. But having the wrong lift added to a vehicle, not designed for the type of scooter or wheelchair, can have costly consequences.  A quality lift will last longer and be safer on the road. They absolutely need to be matched to the vehicle and the chair or scooter being transported… for weight, size, and functionality. And finally, each device has to be installed by an experienced, trained technician that’s been certified by the manufacturer. To avoid a very costly mistake, make your decision on the style you want to use with particular care and with the advice of a certified mobility consultant. All of our locations are NMEDA QAP certified so we adhere to the highest level of product quality, service and technician training practices in our industry.

Assistive Seating Installations

All of our vehicle seating solution prices include installation. Assistive seating is designed to help people with a disability move from their wheelchair (or scooter) into the front seat of a vehicle. A motorized, assistive seat works through controls that allow it to move backward, forward, up, down and side-ways. Assistive seating can be installed in most types/brands of vehicles; including sedans, SUVs, wagons, crossovers, minivans, pick-up trucks and full-size vans. Assistive seating typically has a lifting capacity of up to 600 lbs., so a vast majority of people can be accommodated. However, please note that if you are exceptionally tall or have long legs, you may not have enough room to swivel. We recommend that you speak with a Certified Mobility Consultant and determine your options

Van & Lift Service

All of our locations offer adaptive equipment service. We can take care of almost any mobility-related installation, maintenance or repair situation. We carry an ample supply of Braun, VMI, Bruno, and other brand-name parts for common repairs. Our dedicated parts department can also have any necessary components ordered and delivered prior to your scheduled visit. Preventive maintenance plays a crucial part in the continued trouble-free operation of your adaptive equipment. All maintenance checks and repairs need to be pre-scheduled in advance. A scheduled check-up should be completed every six months.