MPD Hand Controls

For over 50 years, Mobility Products & Design have been designing and refining customized, ergonomic driving controls that keep you actively involved in your world.  Their hand controls are some of the highest quality and most advanced designs available for accessing the accelerator and brake without the use of lower extremities. The controls even look as stunning as they perform, with finished surfaces and sleek lines to complement your vehicle’s interior. They are adaptable to most cars, trucks, and vans and are flexible enough to allow an ambulatory driver to operate the vehicle with ease.

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Push/Rock – Push to Brake, Rock to Accelerate

The NEW & improved Push/Rock hand control includes a removable handle for added safety. Removing the handle prevents other drivers from accidentally engaging the hand control. To operate, simply push forward for brake & “rock” back for gas.  The push/rock style hand control is quickly becoming the most popular style on the market.  It’s easy to learn and easy to drive.

Push/Pull – Push to Brake, Pull to Accelerate

The unique feature of the Push/Pull hand controls is the separate motion for acceleration and brake.  This means the accelerator and brake cannot be used simultaneously.  Making it a safer choice for driving controls. The Push/Pull hand control can be adjusted to accommodate several different leverage settings depending on individual needs.

Classic Hand Control – Push to Brake, Turn to Accelerate

The Classic Hand Control is one of the most popular and easiest to use of these hand controls. The unique accelerator motion allows the driver to adjust the seat for the best comfort in your wheelchair accessible vehicle. The MPD hand controls are considered the premier hand controls because of the ease of use, quality and appearance in the vehicle.

Compact Hand Control – Push to Brake, Pull to Accelerate

The Compact hand control provides a slim design to better fit in the new and smaller vehicles. The push, pull motion prevents simultaneous braking and acceleration making it a safer choice for a hand control.

Basic Hand Control – Push to Brake, Pull to Accelerate

The Basic Hand Control is the economical choice. It acts the same as the Compact Hand Control, and is considered the light version of the Compact.