Mobility scooters are wonderful disability vehicles that can truly ease the life of the person who has difficulties with walking. We offer high quality handicap scooters produced by manufacturers like Pride Mobility and Golden Tech, so you can be sure that you will get a stable, reliable and nice looking product, so you can ride with style! Learn more about our scooters here.

Scooter Lifts

Scooter lifts help you to store your unoccupied mobility scooter inside a vehicle – or on the back of a platform style carrier. All of the lifts we offered are easy to use with simple push of a button to raise and lower the scooter. They are extremely durable, reliable and designed for use in all weather conditions. Our team of Certified Mobility Consultants will help you to find the perfect scooter lift style that’s best for you depending on the model of your vehicle and your travel requirements. You don’t need to worry about installation after you choose the model that you like. Our experienced technicians will do this for you. We will also install a tow hitch if necessary and perform regular maintenance inspections. Learn more about our scooter lifts here.

Seating Solutions

Turning Automotive Seats –  A turning automotive seat is individually dealer pre-programmed to power rotate, extend and lower to an optimal height at the press of a button. Take advantage of therapeutic seat heat and other comfort-enhancing options. It’s time to enjoy running errands and road trips again. Learn more about our seating solutions here.

Transfer Seat Bases – An alternate accessible seating option is the installation of a transfer seat base into a vehicle. A transfer seat base is a motorized base that is installed in place of the original factory seat base. The original factory seat is then reinstalled onto the transfer seat base.A benefit of using the original factory seat on top of the transfer seat base is that individuals will continue to have the benefit of any special power seat options that they already have in that seat; such as tilting or lumbar support. Learn more about our seating solutions here.


Power wheelchairs are composed of a base, front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, mid-wheel drive, seating and controls. We have a great range of different power wheelchair options with unique features and power requirements to meet most any need. There are also many different accessories that you can add such as a wheelchair seat cushions, cup holders or armrest covers for added convenience. Our goal is to help you with making the right decision that will provide you with maximum mobility for many years to come. Visit our BetterLifeMobility website  for more information on our wheelchairs.

Wheelchair Accessible Vans

When it comes to accessible wheelchair vans, one of the most common modifications made to accommodate wheelchair passengers is to lower the floor of a minivan. This provides the extra floor to ceiling clearance needed to permit a person to remain seated in their wheelchair while entering, riding in or driving the vehicle. MobilityWorks is among the largest resellers of both Braun and VMI lowered floor minivans, the leading minivan conversion manufacturers in the world for accessible wheelchair vans. MobilityWorks also manufactures its own Rear-Entry Minivan and Ford Transit Connect. Visit our MobilityWorks website to learn more about wheelchair accessible vans.

Rental Wheelchair Vans

MobilityWorks offers rental vans to help you decide which accessible vehicle fits your needs. We also make rentals available to help you with occasional transportation needs — locally or nationwide. You can rent for a day, a weekend, or longer.  We provide a professional demonstration of our van and equipment to operate the vehicle and ramp system. We have weekday specials and monthly discount rates, including discounts for veterans. Visit our MobilityWorks rental page to request a rental quote.