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Wheelchair Securement Devices

Wheelchair Securement Devices

Ride-Away always strives to make certain that your vehicle and the equipment inside of your vehicle is as safe as possible. Wheelchair locking devices serve as an extremely safe way to lock-in or tie-down your wheelchair or scooter in your wheelchair van or full-size wheelchair accessible van. With new advancements in technology and design, the wheelchair locking devices from Q-Straint and EZ-Lock are some of the safest and easiest pieces of equipment to operate.

Depending on your needs and your ability, these devices allow you to easily and safely lock or strap yourself in with little to no assistance. The sleek design of these products allows almost any type of wheelchair or scooter easily moves into place without encountering any obstructions. They were designed with the end-user in mind, and make for a smooth transition from being able to move around in your vehicle to being safely secured. Let one of Ride-Away’s highly trained and certified Mobility Consultants help you find the perfect wheelchair locking device for you!

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