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Full-Size Wheelchair Vans

Full-Size Wheelchair Vans

Full-size wheelchair accessible vans can have raised roofs and doors, allowing for easier access for taller individuals and providing a more spacious ride.


  • Full Size Vans Accommodate up to 2 individuals in wheelchairs
  • Paratransit vans can accommodate up to 4 individuals in wheelchairs
  • New or Used full size wheelchair vans are available
  • Lowered Floor and Raised Roof options are available
  • Multiple Platform Lift options
  • Warranties on all products

Any kind of additional adaptive equipment can be installed into full size wheelchair accessible vans from Ride-Away. These accessible van conversions can accommodate more disabled passengers than a standard wheelchair van can, which equates to having more comfort on those long family trips. Paratransit vans are a bit larger and are designed to accommodate more people in wheelchairs and ambulatory passengers.

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