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This page contains pictures and information about products that are currently not being manufactured by our wheelchair accessible manufacturers. Ride-Away may still support these products through our Service Centers. Call us today for more information - 1-888-RIDE-AWAY.

Freedom Three Axis Mobility Seating

    Freedom Mobility - Three Axis Extended and Lower Mobility Seats

    Discontinued Products


    The 3100 mobility seat is intended to be installed in pick-up trucks. When activated, the Freedom Seat smoothly rotates, extends, and ascends or descends in-to or out-of the vehicle so you are perfectly positioned on the ground or behind the wheel.

    It has a weight capacity of 350 lbs as well as multi-access programmability for optimal axis movement.



    The 3200 has all the same features of the 3100, except it is designed for a passenger set-up and can be installed in SUV's, sedans, and minivans.


    3300 & 3400

    The 3300 & 3400 mobility seats offer you the flexibility to enter from the front passenger position using an after-market seat, or from the mid-row using the original or after-market seat.